Sunday, September 13, 2015

An ending for a new beginning.

7th of September 2015 mark the ending of a beautiful journey. On this very day, I am finally graduated with a Diploma in Management with Multimedia from Multimedia College. So the typical question, what is next? before I continue my answer, let me answer some of the frequently asked questions from people around me. 

1. why diploma? (The most frequent and hardest question to answer)
It took me until this day to figure out why I did choose to take diploma. Taking Diploma is one thing. But, Diploma in Management? I studied pure science back in my secondary school. After SPM, I have received offers to matriculation and Asasi. I decided to take Matriculation which I decided to postpone (I can restart my study the following year) few months later due to health issue. But instead of restarting my study in matriculation, I decided to take Diploma in Management which was totally different from the study path I have earlier planned. Why? I have no idea why did I took that decision. But I hold on to it, and I give my very best until the very last semester. 

During my 1st semester in college
2. Why Multimedia College?
Many people, including me, dreams of going to a well established college/university ( because the certificate is recognized by employers). The decision to choose a less known Multimedia College is a big decision for me to make. Plus, this college is a private college. which means the tuition fees are higher than that of public college/universities. Multimedia College is not actually a small college. It is a subsidiary of Multimedia University ( first ranked private university in Malaysia), and a Telekom Malaysia University. Plus, there are actually all together 5(KL, Terengganu, Perak, Sarawak, Sabah) Multimedia College campuses though out the country. One thing I have learnt from my college is that the size of the college does not matter. Of course we don't have big stadium or big lecture hall. But its the size of the heart that matters. As long as you have a big heart to learn, you can achieve as high as the stars. 

3. But, Gibrel, you deserve better course. Why take management?
The next year after I postponed my matriculation study, the Student's Affair Officer called me to ask whether or not I am coming to register for the coming semester. No, I said to him. I have also received interview offer letters from Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam to study in Medical Assistant, Pharmacy and Rehabilitation. But I choose not to go for the interview. Well, I did considered to go for the interview. Who doesn't want to go to a college who give you RM800 allowance monthly, and a career confirmation after you finish college? But I have my very own reason why I chose to stick with my course. They said trust you instinct. So I did. 

Now let's come to the first question, what is next?
with a diploma, of course I can choose to get into the working world. But I decided to continue my degree instead. Why? because I want a bigger salary (typical answer). I am currently taking Bachelor of Finance (Hons) in Multimedia University. I have a plan for my future, and this degree is part of the long run. 

The miracle is not when you finished the run, but the real miracle is when you decided to start running. Even if the future seems so far away, believe it or not, it is actually starting right now. I am running, how about you?

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