Saturday, August 10, 2013

LOVE at my point of view.

Hellooo!! As always, It took me quite a long long time to post again. and yeah.,  I'll tell the same reasons over and over again. So please get bored and tell me some other new reasons to give. By the way, Selamat Hari Raya to all my Muslim friends and family. Have a blast and of course, do take care of yourself yaa :)

    When I do a brief research about my previous post, I can conclude that almost 70% of my post talks about my life, specifically my studies. which is normal for a growing teen like me. But just like all the normal teens out there, I do have this other part in of my life too. That part, that can drive you crazy and makes you feel that the world is yours. That part that can makes you smile ears to ears when that one particular person text you or call you. And the two of you will talk and laugh for hours and end up doing your assignments at last minutes. But you never regret it because she/he is all that matters. This is what they called it love. A girlfriend/boyfriend whom you will share the most about your daily life and routine. I do have that part in my life too. I used to have one.

Yes. Today I'm going to talk about love. But not my love life. hahaha. As you continue reading... This is how I spell love.

ok gambar tiada kaitan. sekian.
#1 Be truthful.
    I am very much agreed when they said that trust is the foundation of a concrete relationship. It is true that trust is what we need to keep that relationship going. If you can't trust your partner, then why holding to that relationship? BUT, the process of trusting your partner starts with being truthful to yourself, then to your partner. Don't Lie. Because believe me, Lies can't hide forever.

#2 Be firm to your principle.
    Love can be a blooming beautiful rose. It can impress you, calm you with its aromatic fragrance. Yet, love if uncontrolled, can be the most shining sharp samurai ( ok I know this is too much ) that can harm you, gives you the most dreadful nightmare you can ever imagine. It can kill you. So when a relationship is way too hurtful that you can't stand it anymore, learn to let yourself go. Give freedom to yourself. We can always find another love, but we can never find another self.

#3 Never believe in forever
    Many lovers nowadays make promises ( baru 7 hari kapel suda janji forever ), they hoped too much and believed to much. They promised to stay forever no matter what. Through the rains and storms ( lah sangat ). But heyy... please don't. Always remember in mind that our future lays in the hand of our Creator. He knows whats best for us. So when you learn to surrender everything to God, believe me, you won't get disappointed.

     I don't know why I came out with this post. But here it is. A simple reminder to myself, that if I want a good relationship, go for it. Do what is good and never consider doing what is bad. Relationship isn't just about sharing mutual romantic feeling towards each other. Its more than that. And I believe each of us do have our own point of view. keep it. hold on to it.

    As for me, I've learned that I can't always make it the way I wanted. Holding on is just an option. But at some point, I have to realize that I have to let myself go.

Let yourself free :)


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