Thursday, June 19, 2014

After some time

I was having a conversation with one of my junior the other day, when I realized that my batch am now the most senior batch in my college. Yes, It's been two years since I officially became a student of Multimedia College Sabah. Ohh, and it have been 4 years since Spain won the 2010 world cup but sadly they didn't make it to the next round for this edition of world cup. I still hope that Germany will make it this time. I hope. 

I am now in final lecture semester, another final semester for Industrial Training will be the closing of my chapter in the college. Yes, I'm in the final lap of my Diploma in Management with Multimedia study. Yes, I'm excited. ( I know the way I type it doesn't sound excited at all. ). Of course I won't stop my study here. I'm planning to continue my study somewhere middle of next year. This time is an ending for a new beginning.

I remember 2 years ago, everything was really different. You know. I remember how disappointed I was, how desperate I was to continue my study after I decided to quit matriculation. But I thank God today, because of all the strength and guidance that He gave me. well, I am here now. In the right track to finish my diploma dean listed. Maybe I can just say, I survived the hard time, the storm and, you know, the dramas. Happiness is yours to choose. And whether or not to keep it that way, its all yours to decide. Sometimes Life might that knock you down really hard, but you got to get up. keep going or start over, just don't quit. 

be happy. be you.
It have been two years. I realized that no matter how much I hold on, things are just not meant to be. and I got to keep going and leave the past. I tried too hard not to lose you, but I lose myself instead. I hope that one day in the future, I will remember back how my life was without you.

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